barking dogs and darkness

I am wondering about the very dark streets. The lights are not adequate. Who can we speak to about making our streets brighter and safer at night?
The huge amount of graffiti. The ugly, run down fences people are letting some areas just go down. If we all worked together and kept our area looking clean... The home prices will keep well to everyone's benefit. The more stablished homes looking older now next to the new developments in Forest Ridge. We need to work together to beautify our streets.

Barking dogs: I have just shifted to the area and there is a huge number of barking dogs. They bark at any time of the day no matter what. They bark non-stop and you don't hear anyone telling them off
I am a dog owner and I spent money and time training them not to bark if not needed. There are a number of solutions for barking dogs from pet stores and vets. I have noticed dangerous looking dogs with very low fences. Dogs that are posibly illegal to own.
Can anyone share good and bad about living in Forest Ridge?


There is quite alot of

There is quite alot of graffiti and dogs barking randomly. Most of the time the owners aren't at the houses so the dogs aren't tame.


If you suspect there is a person loitering in the area and my be up to no good contact narangba Police Beat office (Senior Constable Ben MILES) and he can patrol for the cause. Otherwias contact Burpengary Station and a crew may attend to check it out.

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